The Turkish Get-up

Great exercise for the total body that develops shoulder stability and the muscles of the core. The Get-up is broken down into a number of steps but don't let that overwhelm you.

  • Use both hands to lift the kettlebell off the ground to the starting position of the floor press and return the free hand to the ground
  • The wrist on the kettlebell side stays neutral
  • The elbow on the kettlebell side is locked and the shoulder is packed
  • The shoulder of the free arm does not shrug up
  • The heel of the foot on the kettlebell side stays planted durning the low sweep, the lunge up to the standing, and the reverse of these actions
  • The knee touches the floor softly on the descent into the half kneeling position
  • The arm holding the kettlebell is vertical or almost vertical
  • The neck is neutral for the top half of the movement, from the lunge up
  • In the top position the knees are locked and the lower back does not hyperextend

The Kettlebell Press

This is the "standard" Kettlebell Press, this press always starts from under the chin and proceeds to lock out over head, note: "Lock-out" this means elbow is fulley extended.

  • In the rack position the fist must be below the chin level
  • The kettlebells must remain in the rack position for a one count before each press
  • Press with the knees locked, the neck neutral, and no back bend
  • Keep the quads, glutes,and midsection tight.
  • The torso may lean slightly back but the lean may not increase during the press
  • The shoulders may not elevate in the range between the rack and the point where the handle is at the eye level
  • The forearms remain vertical or nearly vertical throughout the press
  • The wrist may not hyperextend.
  • Lock out elbows completely and pause motionless

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