What Supplements Are Recommended

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I do have a proven diet outline that has helped many of my clients but how can I get them the faster results? Then it came to me. Not only am I hard on diet and exercise but I never mention supplement intake to anyone.

So folks here is some help. Everyone always ask me what kind of protein shakes I drink, what bars I eat etc. But no one really asked me what Supplements to use.
We all know that supplements help but there are a TON of s#!t supplements out there.
The supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry but you rarely find things that work that won't kill your body iun the long run.

I trust only few. And one person I con trust to buy supplements from is Mike Mahler. These aren't your everyday go to the vitamin shop supplements. 

Some may have heard of him. I speak his name sometimes at class. He's the guy that showed me the "evil" outside the leg snatches!

He is an hormone optimization coach and has research above and beyond many. I listen to his pod cast and buy his information a lot. He know his s#!t!

Ok, Ok back to the point.

Among 180gms of protein a day, I do take Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster developed buy him. For the male clientele and 100% recommended to all the male population at PK.

I also rub myself down every night with Recovery Oil  as Kate does the same.

The recovery oil, Boom is all I have to say. Everyone should be using this to recovery from intense trauma we put on our muscles.

These are just a few ways I keep my body building stronger and recovering faster.

So there you go, my, if you will, little secret to the fastest results.

Check it out if you're interested. 

let me know if you have any questions or check his website out.

Very smart guy with a ton of FREE information.