What are the best Kettlebell shoes?

So what are the best Kettlebell shoes?

There are many types of "flat" souled shoes out there. I personally recommend Adidas Samba's. Most of my clients wear Samba's and they love them[both men and women]. They are flat and they are comfortable. There are also shoes called Vibram Five Fingers. These are the closest things to being bare foot. They are great for out door training and let you really feel the ground. But when winter time comes around, it tend to get a little cold to wear.

Also Chuck Taylor's are great because they are extremely flat. I personally don't like them because they are hard to run in [not saying I run a lot], I really don't feel like changing shoes if I want to sprint in between sets of kettlebell swings.

There are also companies like Puma and Nike that also make flat souled shoes but I'm not familiar with them.

Here's the list: