Training with Precision Kettlebells

What it's like:

In my group fitness classes you will learn/practice basic kettlebell movements of the RKC, strength technique using the Hard Style method, conditioning, and ways to strengthen muscles by using your own body weight. Learning these objectives you will grow into superior well beings. Your life will become easier as time goes by. Your body will respond better to everyday activities, making it less stressful. I supply any Russian Kettlebells needed unless otherwise known. I use only the best!

Please be aware that this is not a class you can attend on occasionally , this is a ongoing progression. If you want to just hop into a class, go to a Step Class! Go run on a treadmill. Anyone can do that. My classes provide discipline to those who want it. Listen and you will learn. Don't and you will get HURT. I am a trained professional in the field of Russian Kettlebells, I take my education to highest level that I can. I learn from the BEST therefore I will give you my Best.

As for your bodies (muscle structure). Your bodies' will start to change for the better, and reflect the hard work and effort you put into your bell. Do not expect me to take it easy on you. I will push you to great lengths to get what you want. You will be sore, legs will ache, but your body will soon get over that nonsense. You will get dirty, your hands may bleed, and you might get sick, do it for you!

The progression of my classes are invitation only. I will evaluate you though each class and if I think you can handle a higher skill level, you will be notified. Swing on, Swing on.