Lena Caroselli RKC, Biography

Name:Lena Caroselli
Hometown: Chichester PA
Birthdate: 2/14/72
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 115

I grew up in Chichester Pa, graduated from School of Clinical Neurophysiology in 1992 and am a Register Neurodiagnostic Technologist for over 20 years. I now reside in Collegeville Pa and am owner of Innovative Healthcare Services, LLC. I have lived in Montgomery County for the past 11 years. When I moved to Collegeville, I joined a local gym and figured it would be a way to meet some friends. I signed up with a trainer and the two of us became friends. We started training on a regular basis. During my journey I learned to eat healthy and train hard and with much dedication, competed in 2 Figure Competitions.

Shortly after competition I was introduced to Kettlebells. After my first kettlebell class , I was hooked. I was surprised at the quick results kettlebells produced and how it targeted the body as a whole. I started training with bells and within 6 months attended the RKC , September 2008. I continued to learn and attended several more certifications throughout the years. I assisted at 2 Philly RKC Certifications, hosted and assisted an HKC Certification in KOP, Pa and Co-Hosted a Kettlebell Workshop with Perform Fitness.

I have a passion for fitness and love to share all that I have learned throughout the years with others. We all have our own journeys and reasons for training and I would be honored to assist you along that path.

RKC Level I Certified- Russian Kettlebell Cerfification 2008
CK-FMS Certified- Funtional Movement Specialist 2009
CICS Certified- Certified Indian Club Specialist 2010
Cross Fit Certified- Leve 1 Coach 2010