Michelle Elise RKC, RYT

Name: Michelle Elise Cleaver RKC, RYT
Birthdate: 8.14.1974
Hometown: West Chester, PA
Height: 5'6.5"
Weight: 118

Hello....I'm Michelle. I would say I fell into Kettlebells from a local RKC at my gym back in 2007. I watched these guys make noises lifting, swinging and juggling kettlebells and said Wow!! I would like to try that! My knowledge from training went as far as being an avid runner. So needless to say being lean and strong was something I've always wanted to achieve. I practiced and trained with a coach for approximately a year before attending my RKC June 08 in Minnesota. It was awesome, it just drove my desire to share my HARDstyle knowledge with all. I've also assisted the first East Coast Russian Kettlebell Challenge where I meet Mike Barbato. I'm looking forward to bringing my knowledge, life experiences and passion for kettlebells to Precision Kettlebells.

I'm a local girl who grew up in West Chester, PA, currently still living in Chester County, PA. My background is in art having two degrees in Graphic and Industrial Design. Worked for years in corporate America got burnt out and needed a change. That's when I just jumped right in and pushed to live and teach my passion for Kettlebells. I am currently completing my 200 hours of Power Vinyasa yoga to also put in my toolbox of skills. I'm constantly learning and fine tuning my knowledge within the fitness industry. I enjoy watching people achieve their goals. We all have challenges within our lives, working through them gives us passion for life...