Mike Barbato SFG, RKC, Biography

Name: Michael Barbato Jr, RKCII
Birthdate: 7/7/1983
Hometown: Collingdale, PA
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 183lbs/83kgs [average]

 Precision; Definition: pre·ci·sion \pri-ˈsi-zhən\

  1. the state or quality of being precise; exactness, accuracy
  2. the ability of measurment to be consistenly reproduced
  3. Precise; exact; strictly accurate or correct[/important]

Hey! Whats up? My name is Michael Barbato. I am a second level StrongFirst and Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor. I teach and practice the HardSTYLE method of kettlebell training. After receiving my Russian Kettlebell Challenge [RKC] Certificate in September '08, I opened Precision Kettlebells [a fun and exciting group kettlebell program]. In June 09 I pushed for the RKCII to further my teaching skills and better my clients and business. I have had the honor to assist in the first RKC Certification on the East Coast. I represent Philly HardSTYLE and teach this method to all of my clients. Later Becoming a StongFirst Kettlebell Instructor.

I grew up in a town named Collingdale in the Philadelphia suburbs, Delaware County. Graduated high school and started a career as an automotive technician. I have always had an interest in weight training. As years passed I became more interested in learning how to change my body. After years of searching I discovered Russian Kettlebells. Russian Kettlebells changed my entire outlook on weight training. I would never weight train the same again.

Learning, performing, conquering. Four years have passed. I put myself through intense training at the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge). I'm here to pursue something that I am happy doing, participating in the art of Russian Kettlebells. I want to be the best, I want to make you better than you were yesterday, I want to help others be better, stronger, leaner. Knowledge goes out to my family, friends, and others. I'm here handing out Strength to all who will receive it! Come be one with Precision Kettlebells.