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 Precision Kettlebells offers a series of performance boosting exercises, 2 of these are Smart Training: training within the limits of you body; and Precise Learning: learning the correct ways to perform Kettlebell Movements.

I want to give you everything you've always wanted in fitness. If your stuck in that boring gym routine, standing around wondering what to do next, than you need to come see me. I don't what you to be running on the tredmill for an hour hoping you will burn off that bag of chips you ate at lunchtime. I what you to know you will burn off that and much more in less than an hour at one of my Group Kettlebell Classes.

If your not training with weights than your not doing much of anything. Did you know that kettlebells are arguably the best tool for fat loss and strength. Kettlebells will shape your body and define the muscles you've been longing for.  My classes are designed to give your body the "mind blowing" shock it needs to get moving.

What makes kettlebell class differ from Yoga or Zumba?

Though things like yoga and Zumba are a good cardio workout, where does the muscle come into play? You do know muscle is what makes the body look good, right? Burning fat is one thing but if you don't have the muscle, what good is it for you? My group kettlebell classes give you both "have your cake and eat it too".

I guarantee your body will drastically change in less than a month of training with me. If you want more muscle, less fat, and nice atractive body lines, than get with the program that works. I look forward to meeting with you and pushing you to become better. Come train with Precision and your fitness goals will me met. See what my other clients have to say.