From 308lbs to 225lbs


I went from 308lbs to 225lbs in 8 months all because of Mike! When I first joined his class I was so out of shape I got winded just from bending over to tie my shoes. I must admit, I was a little intimidated while I was driving to my first class, partly because I am so uncoordinated I was afraid of flinging a bell across the room and knocking someone out, but mostly because I felt embarrassed by the way I looked and that everyone was going to think that I don’t belong there. After 5 minutes of being there and meeting a few people all my worries were gone. Everyone who attends Mikes' class is so nice and generous and they are more than willing to help, guide, and give advice. Nobody does any judging no matter what you look like or how you perform. This is more of a community then it is a fitness class and they are always happy to see new comers. At first I was amazed at the coincidence that all these nice people just happen to be at the same class and how lucky I was that I found this place; but then I realized that it was not a coincidence, it was because Mike creates that type of environment. He creates an atmosphere which makes the class feel more like a special club in which you were specifically invited to join and right away you realize everyone there wants to see you succeed like they have a personal gain from it, only they don’t.

Mike somehow creates a fitness regiment for the whole class yet makes it feel like it is tailored made just for you. He somehow knows what size kettelbell each person should use depending on the activities for that day, and he does this without writing anything down. He learns and gets to know each one of his students like they were his first and only one. If Mike sees that you need some extra help or training, he will stand there and give you a personal lesson as class is going on. He makes you feel that he is there to teach only you, yet inconspicuous enough for no one to notice and all while keeping class moving for everyone else. Mike is the most dedicated trainer I have ever come across. All he really truly cares about is you meeting your personal fitness goals and to see you succeed whether your goal is weight loss, toning your muscles, gaining more of an athletic body etc…which by the way, will all happen at the same time while attending his class.

I know all of this because I have been attending Mikes' class since April 2012. I make almost every class, not only because I want to be in better shape, but because Mike makes every class different which keeps it fresh and exciting. You never know what challenge he is going to present to you. This not only keeps your mind from getting bored by the same old routine, which is the number one reason why people quit exercising, but it also keeps your body from getting bored, which is the key to maximum calorie burn and muscle growth.

So far I lost a total of 83lbs and I seriously could not have done that without Mike. Before attending Mikes class I really thought that I would just be heavy the rest of my life. I gave up the hope that I would be able to lose weight and get healthy. My cholesterol was 176, my blood pressure was borderline hypertension, my body fat percentage was in the 40% range, and my doctor told me I was high risk for type 2 diabetes and headed for an early grave. I did try for a little while working out at a gym, did the Wii fit, and even got a puppy thinking that will motivate me to go jogging with her. But none of these were able to keep me interested long enough to see any results; and so instead of trying to improve my health I decided to just treat it with the meds the doctor put me on. I accepted that I was a big guy, especially since that was what everyone called me anyway. I donated all the clothes I grew out of since I lost hope to ever fit in them again, and I came to the realization that I will never be able to ride a roller coaster , fit comfortably on a plane seat, shop for clothes at a regular store, or enjoy anything I used to enjoy before I got too fat to be able to enjoy them.

Then for one last attempt, my wife bought me six weeks to Mikes' class as a birthday present. I have never met Mike before this point but my wife took some of his classes a year prior and she loved it. I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of going because I already gave up and I didn’t want to be disappointed again when I failed once more at losing weight. I thought for sure Mike would take one look at me and think I was a lost cause. But the exact opposite happened. He made me feel comfortable, welcomed, and invited, taking his time to teach me the proper movements. When he saw me struggling he would encourage me, yet let me make my own decision when I needed to rest.

Literally after two weeks, only eight classes, I started to notice a difference in the way my body moved, the energy I started to feel. I noticed I wasn’t getting winded going up the steps, I started taking my dog for longer walks, and I started eating better. The more I went to class, the more I continued to improve my habits at home, the more results I saw, the more the fire in me burned. I was getting more excited each day because I actually saw the results that I gave up hoping for so long ago. That is what keeps me going back week after week. Mike helped me take back control of my life and there is no thank you big enough to show my appreciation for what he has done for me, I consider him a great friend. Thanks Mike!!!!

Just look at these stats!

In Less than 8 Months:
Weight: 308lbs to 225lbs
Cholesterol: 176 to 114
Body fat %: 40 to 24
Blood Pressure: Pre-hypertension to 120/80
Glucose: 78
Pant size: 44 to 36
Shirt Size: tight XXL to L

Jason - Downingtown, PA