Overdue to Get Back on Track



January 2012 I hit the 280 lb mark...I was overdue to get back on track. A strict doctor recommended a diet plan and I dropped 30 lbs but not only did it take 9 months, I still didn't feel like I looked much different. I certainly didn't feel much better. I needed to figure out a way to get back into working out, but my wife and I had just had a baby, which meant many sleepless nights and plenty of food and drinks that my wife was excited to be able to consume again. I've played football, spent time lifting weights, used to mountain bike regularly but knew there would be no way I'd be motivated enough to do that again. I've played sports, but had no idea what type of fitness I felt like doing. Then I checked my local Groupon deals... Kettlebells? I've heard of it, but never picked one up in my life. Boot camp style workouts? In no way I would like someone yelling at me to get in shape. The price was right, location was close to home, and the class schedule was accommodating. So I gave it a shot.

Off I went to my first class, nervous about a new workout, new people, and a new type of training. Instantly Mike and the Precision Kettlebell memebers welcomed me. They really made me feel at home. I eased myself into the workouts and schedule, taking two months to get through the classes I had purchased. I was slightly discouraged about my weight, in which I gained about 7 pounds, but it didn't even matter. I relized it was muscle. I felt great. I felt my body changing already. Then came January 2013, Mike laid out the challenge. Setting a goal weight and waist size, I immediately took pictures and measurements of myself and decided to bumped up my classes to 3 times per week from two. 

The next four months completely transformed me...I was hooked. PK classes have opened my eyes to what my body is capable of doing. Down 40 pounds, 3.5" of my chest, 5.25" of my stomach, and 5" of my waist basically melted away. I felt amazing, more awake and energetic. The bug even wore off on my wife, and now we spend the week negotiating nights to take turns working out.

I cannot thank Mike and Precision Kettlebells enough for helping me reach this goal and changing my lifestyle. The classes are challenging yet fun. I'm constantly learning new techniques and workouts. Nothing has ever compared to how quickly I've been able to transform fat to muscle and get stronger so quickly. Never knowing what to expect each time I come, I never leave disappointed.

I continue to see results every week, I continue to take pictures and measurements every month.

The best part of Precision Kettlebells, the people involved. Without them, there was no chance that I would have stuck with this. At my current rate, I should reach my goal weight and waist size in just a few more months...unaccomplishable any other way.

Pete Nestor - West Chester, PA