Mom of three and no time

JaimeBeing a mom of three, I have always put myself last and devoted my time to my children and over the years I put on extra pounds and was very uncomfortable and unhappy with my appearance.  Then one day I happened to come upon Precision Kettlebells Six Week Fitness Challenge and I thought- what a great way to jump start a fitness routine.

Well, I have been amazed!  I feel 100% better than I did six short weeks ago, not to mention I also look better.  The classes are great-never the same thing, it's always something new and fun.  The people are very welcoming and encouraging.  Mike is an awesome instructor!  He gets to know everyone and if you need help with something he knows before you have to ask and walks over and helps you through it without making you feel uncomfortable.  He truly speaks from experience and that makes all the difference in the in the world!!!

As I look back at these past six weeks, I have learned so much.  The way I look at nutrition and fitness has drastically changed.  I now think more about what and how I am eating and how it will make me feel.  I look forward to going to class and make sure I make it a priority for me to get there.  

Jaime Pizzi - Malvern, Pa