FayWhy the Transformation Challenge? My friends asked me this question throughout the challenge. The big comment from most had been, ‘you don’t need to lose any weight’. For me it was not about losing weight, it was about getting stronger and getting in better shape.

I can say that I’ve accomplished both these goals. However, I still can’t do a ‘real’ push up or pull up so this is my next goal which is why I signed on for a membership. I can’t give up now! I enjoyed the classes and think the trainers are good. I think Michele is hard since she does not allow much time for a break and moves the class along quickly which for me can be challenging at times. I do the best I can in her classes. T

he people in the classes are so nice and I think we all have a good time while working out. I’m not the best person to be on a diet program. I did have a hard time not eating in the morning since I start my day at 5:00 AM. I stopped doing the coconut oil, it did not agree with me…..or it could be I just did not like it. I’m not sure I would change anything about the program. It works if you follow it. For those people who don’t, they have to accept the fact that they will not be as successful. 

Fay - Downingtown, Pa