Physical Limitations to Unlimited Possibilities

After just finishing a 6 week challenge and winning, some of my friends asked : "why are you doing this again so soon?"
1.I had just returned from a vacation in the Caribbean, lots of great food and drinking ( not exactly the healthy eating I was getting used to)Now was the time to get back on track
2.I got lots of compliments on how I was looking good , ( translation in my head: now I can slack off and not work so hard and eat what I want)
3. I haven't reached my ultimate goal yet( working on small ones : 6 weeks at a time )
I'm so glad I did this a second time . I learned more about eating "clean". Some of the questions I had on the last challenge became even clearer this challenge .Towards the end of the last challenge I started adding more days of kettlebells than the required 3 and found that I could actually do it . So this challenge I tried to consistently do kettlebells 5 days a week .( I would do 7 if I could, I love it that much) I do realize a body needs to rest, so I do Tai Chi 2 days a week.

Kettlebells for me , has been life changing. I never found a workout like this that I could do and progress despite my physical limitations.I have lost weight , inches, ( needed to add notches in my belt so my baggy pants don't fall down)and have more energy than I've had in a long time. Mike and Kate are so supportive and helpful with recipe ideas and adjustments needed to my food logs .Mike,John ,Michele , and Lena challenge us each class and mix it up so it's never boring . I still have a lot of work to do to make it to my ultimate goal but I believe I have the foundation and support to keep on going with Precision Kettlebells, and everyday it's getting easier to get off the floor by myself .


All my life I was told I shouldn't run or jump to preserve my hip. I had given up on being able to do much physical activity without pain in my hip. Even walking can cause extreme pain.

A few years ago I started Tai Chi and started noticing some changes in my balance and strength. I had gained a lot of weight over the years and was searching for a way to lose weight. One of my Tai Chi friends suggested I see her husband and try hypnosis. During his sessions he mentioned kettlebells. This got me curious.

I noticed a post from one of my friends on Facebook that she went to Precision Kettlebells. She looks amazing so I kept asking her about it. I went and observed a beginner class and thought I might be able to do it. I found a groupon and thought why not try it. After going to a few beginner classes I went to a regular class, I kept thinking ,they are doing so much more than kettlebells! I can't get off the floor if I get down there! But I didn't give up! Mike helped modify my workouts to fit my activity level and made me feel like I should be there. I kept getting encouragement from others in the class as well as all the instructors.

I decided to try the six week transformation challenge. I found sticking to the diet wasn't too hard, learned to read labels and I found myself wanting to go to more than the required 3 times a week of kettlebell classes. I lost weight, inches, and can do more reps of squats and push-ups. Mike and his wife Kate were so supportive during the weight loss challenge. All of the instructors, Mike, John, Lena and Michele make each class challenging as well as interesting. You never know what to expect so it doesn't get boring.

I can't wait to get to the next class to keep seeing what I CAN do. I can now get off the floor by myself!!

Deb Schulze - Phoenixville, Pa