Down 16 lbs of Fat


I entered the Sexy Slimdown Challenge with a goal of losing some weight and regaining some body tone. With that, I achieved both goals.

Precision Kettlebell classes are challenging. Kettlebell technique is important and the coaches did a great job of stressing this while teaching good form and technique. I always felt like I came away with a great workout.

The class environment is very supportive. Everyone involved has a positive attitude and pushes each other. The coaches make an effort to make every workout unique. This keeps things interesting and works many parts of the body. I would encourage anyone of any age or conditioning level to give 'Bells a try; the workouts are very effective. As it relates to the Challenge, I learned a lot about what I was eating and what I should change. Changing my diet took a week or so to get used to, but became routine over time. I had a great experience and plan to continue the workouts in the future.

Les - Malvern, PA