What Happened to My Body??!!

BarbWalking the dog around the neighborhood isn't cutting it anymore! In my early 40s, a few pounds a year started creeping onto the scale. Once I hit 45, inches started creeping around my waist & back. Back fat....noooo! What happened to my toned arms and a flat stomach...what was happening to me?

Within 3 weeks of starting classes at Precision Kettlebells the back fat is disappearing and my waist is coming back. With Kettlebells, the combo of weight training with cardio really burns the fat, while building muscle. Within 6 weeks, I feel soooo much stronger!! And I feel much more confident in my clothes. I love the atmosphere of the 9:30am classes with Michelle. She busts our butts for an hour. It's a bunch of other "soccer moms" and "baseball moms" who are also on board to reshape our changing bodies. Thanks Mike & Kate Barbato for kick starting my path to change

Barb C - Malvern, Pa