Exercising was so boring!

JeanAbout 8 weeks ago I ran into 2 friends who talked all about kettlebells. I was a skinny person growing up...but around 40 I started to pack on the pounds! I have done every diet out there, but I never committed to exercise. I knew I needed to but it was so boring!

The 6 week slim down has really helped me change my eating habits ( I actually read food labels now ) and enjoy exercise. The workout is grueling....but totally exhilarating! While I did not lose as much as I wanted to I know that continuing to work out and being more aware of what I eat will pay off. I can already see that my muffin top isn't quite so prominent! And it really isn't that hard to eat healthier!

All the instructors are great and really keep an eye on what each person is doing so we are all having a good, safe workout! I am so glad I tried kettlebells. I think I am hooked!!

I am proud of myself....and I feel good that I am doing something so I will be around to bother my children for a long time!!

Jean - Malvern, Pa