Yo-Yo No More!

KristenI have been struggling with my weight loss for a few years now. It was always a yo-yo experience for me, up and down just a little at a time and never really making a difference. I also felt that I would never loose the weight and never get back to ‘me’. A few years ago I was a size 5, fit and healthy. Then the pounds started coming on and didn’t stop. Next thing I knew I was severely overweight and unhappy.

My fiancé found Precision Kettlebells through a groupon and tried out a class. When he received an email about the 6-week challenge he thought it would be great for me. I nervously signed up…..let me tell you how amazing the people are at Precision! I was welcomed right away and didn’t feel awkward or nervous like I thought I would! I was never comfortable working out or in a gym but at Precision I felt comfortable right away. I joined the 6-week challenge again in Spring 2014 after loosing around 45 pounds by using the diet that I received from the first 6-week challenge that I did in the Fall 2013. This last time I lost over 26 inches in just 6 weeks!! CRAZY!!!

Precision Kettlebells is by far the best place I have ever worked out. Going to the gym doesn’t compare to the workout that you receive in just an hour at Precision! The people and trainers are amazing. I actually look forward and love getting up at 5 a.m. to go to class! I never thought I would ever say that since I used to drag myself to the gym and barley even worked out then or make excused as to why I couldn’t go to the gym because I hated it so much. I have never done that with kettlebells class. I highly recommend Precision Kettlebells. I honestly could not have lost 65 pounds and over 30 inches in 5 months without Precision. If you have been struggling and felt like you could never do it, you can!

Kristen G - Downingtown, Pa