Jump Start to a Better Me!

MariaThe holiday season, followed by a harsh winter, left me with a polar bear layer of fat. However, it wasn't so cute or cuddly. I knew it was time for a change. In the past I had started many workout programs. What I lacked was the motivation to see them to completion. Cue, Precision Kettlebells.

My first week of classes was rough. As I stood next to women twice my age, I felt disheartened to realize they were swinging weight three times as heavy as the small 8kg bell in my hand. I wondered if they were judging me struggling to complete a few push-ups. I was further saddened to say goodbye to sugary treats, alcohol, and other things I associated with good times.

At the three week weigh in I was surprised, not only at the progress I had made, but also at the changes I saw in myself. I looked forward to starting my day with a kettlebell class. I found myself choosing healthier options, even on cheat days. I had more energy and renewed confidence in what my body and I could do. I found everyone in class to be very welcoming and supportive.

Mike and Kate were extremely helpful and always available to answer questions or give advice. Sometime their posts on Facebook would help me to push past a roadblock or setback. After wearing my "skinny" clothes for the first time in awhile, coworkers are starting to notice my weight loss. I am proud to recommend Precision Kettlebells. I am proud that I was able to lose the weight in a healthy way. But most importantly, I am proud to start a new chapter in my life. Too me PK isn't a get skinny quick.... It is a jump start to an awesome new life.

Maria - Collegeville, Pa