The College Hangover

Having been out of school for four years, I had put on a few unwanted pounds thanks to my desk job. I had aspirations of getting back to my early college weight but occasional running and pickup basketball was not doing the trick. I had gained some unwanted weight and was trying to burn it as fast as possible. It was time to start something new and life changing.

I found out about Precision Kettlebells through my wife’s friend and thought I would give it a try. I went to the instructional class on a Tuesday night expecting an easy workout and boy was I hurting the next couple days. But it felt good; it was a wake-up call to my body to get my ass in gear. The classes are intense but fun and challenging at the same time. The instructors are awesome and always looking out for your well-being. If anything, they are down to earth and easy to approach; hard to find in a conventional gym.

After a few weeks of kettlebell training and a few pounds lighter, I decided to compliment my training with the Slim Down challenge. Again I had no idea what I was in for during the six week challenge. I assumed it was more Kettlebell training with some “magic” to make me burn more fat. The six week Slim Down challenge has transformed my eating habits for the better. Gone are the processed foods; in are healthy and clean foods. Along with regular Kettlebell training, I haven’t felt this good since high school. I have lost almost 9 inches of fat and 11 pounds of fat weight in only six weeks!

Pat L - Malvern, Pa