Precision Kettlebell Client Weight Loss Success Stories

I started kettlebells after seeing how great another co-worker looked/'worked' at competing in a "transformation" challenge at Precision Kettlebells. To help my friend get "extra points" in her competition, I thought, let me see what this is all about, I said, "I can do this", After all, I was going to my gym 6-7 times a week, now. I took "kettlebell classes" at the Y before, how hard can it be!!

Having issues with back spasms in the past, I was mentally intimidated going to my first KB101 class.....that feeling passed immediately as I stepped into the Precision Kettlebell studio. Mike greeted me instantly, putting my insecure feelings at ease. Classes are so much fun, consistently challenging, no matter which instructor is in front of the room. I enjoy the classes because they are an "all body" workout, as well as, kettlebell exercises. All the instructors give personalized attention to all the different levels of clients in every class.

After 3 weeks of classes I decided to do the 6 week "slim down" challenge. I knew my eating habits were not very good and how great would it be to drop 10 - 15 lbs right before summer!! Learning about 'eating clean' has changed not only my eating habits, but, also my family's. Keeping a food journal was key in learning how bad I was eating. Now that this challenge is over, I have the knowledge to keep certain food habits in my daily routine.

I have recruited a few friends in trying out kettlebells, they too, find the classes and instructors truly caring, knowledgeable and fun!

Karen L - West Chester, PA