So it's not my kids fault?

I gained 80 plus pounds with each of my three kids and I've always blamed them for those last 10-20 lbs I couldn't lose. As my youngest just turned 18 years old and I still hadn't shed the weight, I decided that I couldn't blame them anymore...
this was all about me, my bad eating habits and having myself convinced there was no time to exercise between my two full time jobs.

It's was a love/hate workout when I started my classes. I was completely out of shape and the first two weeks were the hardest as I was sore for days after a workout. It's not like I was doing too much, as Mike and his staff encourage you to start at your own pace and build from there.

All the classes are great, no matter what level you are. It's a great workout environment as it's about reaching your own personal goals and the only competition there, is with yourself ( love that line and it will always stick with me) Precision Kettlebells is the jump start I needed to change my way of living and is the total body workout .. No BS!!

Cindy - West Chester, Pa