I gained close to 100 pounds and gave up

Over the fast few years I stopped taking care of myself and I gained close to 100 pounds. I stopped being active and pretty much just gave up on myself. 

My name is Stephanie and I’m 36 yrs old. I have an office job just like you may have, so I am always sitting, which doesn’t help when you want to stay fit. I do love being outdoors but tend to power watch good tv series. I love to read and to learn new things. 

My road to PK...

Before finding Precision Kettlebells I was basically working out on my own at home. I've tried a few other gyms and other things but it just working.

I drove by PK for years not really knowing exactly what it was. In my head I thought it was for more advanced Kettlebell training. So I stuck with my in home workouts. Boy was I wrong…

Of all I days I started my first workout, it was a circuit Friday! Circuit Friday is a boot camp that is basically broken up into 4 stations. We rotate station to station as a team for the entire session. Well I became hooked even though I had to modify...a lot (I tend to have knees problems and low back pain). I was very uncomfortable at first. But once I saw the results I knew I was doing something right in my life. I was making progress! Since this past February I have lost roughly 40 pounds. 

Since starting my journey with Precision Kettlebells, I have acquired some great new friends. It's amazing once you start talking to people how much everyone deals with similar things and how we keep each other accountable. I really think this is an important aspect of any fitness regimen.  Mike and Kate are great. What owners do you know that actually take their time out of their day to check on their clients. Knowing they care has really pushed me. But.. as for my life changing? Most importantly, my confidence is creeping back. And people are noticing. 

I recommend PK to anyone, but I don’t really have too. Friends and co-workers approached me asking where I go as they could not believe the results I received within a month. I would recommend people as the atmosphere provided is one that they will never have anywhere. Not only are the workouts great, the coaches are by far the best!

Be greatest advice for someone “thinking” about starting your journey with Precision Kettlebells, whether it because you are out of shape, past injury, or just not a “fitness person” that It's okay to take your time and listen to your body. Push yourself and challenge yourself but don't hurt yourself while doing it. I learned that the hard way. 

PK coaches will take care of you.

Stephanie - Boyertown, PA