What am I trying to say?

I'd fallen off the bandwagon a bit and put some weight back on this summer.   So I decided to participate in the PK Little Black Dress Project . I was training for Broad Street as well as my normal sessions at Precision Kettlebells in the winter/spring months so I was able to get away with eating not so great.  I'm single woman so cooking for one isn't too much fun, especially when you're really busy. I was finding myself just picking up a bite to eat as I ran from one place to another.  Isn't Ice Cream dairy?  So doesn't that qualify as dinner some nights?  Well, It did for me...

Since getting involved in the LBD, I was able to tell Mike that I was in the 140's....now, just one pound into them but hey, can't tell you the last time I'd been there.  Mike knows I was going to the gym 2-3 / week prior to LBD (I'm now consistently 3x /week, hopefully 4x this week) so really the difference for dropping the weight via LBD (10 lbs so far) is the diet.  Kate sends out weekly calendars with what you're supposed to eat, a grocery shopping list and recipes.  It's super simple, the meals are AMAZING and I have a ton of leftovers (my sister's family is enjoying some too).  Oh, wait, did I forget to say it's real food? A real lifestyle? Not, so much a diet.  I'm better about drinking my water also (that had fallen off that bandwagon too....I should have bruises for how many wagons I fell off!).  

What am I trying to say?  Well, what Mike and Kate harp on since your first step in the door, "You Can't Out Train A Bad Diet".  Training for 10 miles and doing boot camp sessions at PK helped me maintain and lose some but as soon as I stopped exercising twice a day, the pounds crept on.  I looking forward to hitting my goal weight in 3 1/2 more weeks while enjoying some great food.

Thanks Kate & Mike for all you do for us!

Judy - Thorndale, PA