So it's not my kids fault?

I gained 80 plus pounds with each of my three kids and I've always blamed them for those last 10-20 lbs I couldn't lose. As my youngest just turned 18 years old and I still hadn't shed the weight, I decided that I couldn't blame them anymore...
this was all about me, my bad eating habits and having myself convinced there was no time to exercise between my two full time jobs.

It's was a love/hate workout when I started my classes. I was completely out of shape and the first two weeks were the hardest as I was sore for days after a workout. It's not like I was doing too much, as Mike and his staff encourage you to start at your own pace and build from there.

All the classes are great, no matter what level you are. It's a great workout environment as it's about reaching your own personal goals and the only competition there, is with yourself ( love that line and it will always stick with me) Precision Kettlebells is the jump start I needed to change my way of living and is the total body workout .. No BS!!

Cindy - West Chester, Pa


Precision Kettlebell Client Weight Loss Success Stories

I started kettlebells after seeing how great another co-worker looked/'worked' at competing in a "transformation" challenge at Precision Kettlebells. To help my friend get "extra points" in her competition, I thought, let me see what this is all about, I said, "I can do this", After all, I was going to my gym 6-7 times a week, now. I took "kettlebell classes" at the Y before, how hard can it be!!

Having issues with back spasms in the past, I was mentally intimidated going to my first KB101 class.....that feeling passed immediately as I stepped into the Precision Kettlebell studio. Mike greeted me instantly, putting my insecure feelings at ease. Classes are so much fun, consistently challenging, no matter which instructor is in front of the room. I enjoy the classes because they are an "all body" workout, as well as, kettlebell exercises. All the instructors give personalized attention to all the different levels of clients in every class.

After 3 weeks of classes I decided to do the 6 week "slim down" challenge. I knew my eating habits were not very good and how great would it be to drop 10 - 15 lbs right before summer!! Learning about 'eating clean' has changed not only my eating habits, but, also my family's. Keeping a food journal was key in learning how bad I was eating. Now that this challenge is over, I have the knowledge to keep certain food habits in my daily routine.

I have recruited a few friends in trying out kettlebells, they too, find the classes and instructors truly caring, knowledgeable and fun!

Karen L - West Chester, PA

I turned 51 and feel AMAZING

Precision Kettlebell Client Weight Loss Success Stories

I have been going to kettlebell class for about 9 months and still enjoy every class I go to... I have lost over 30 lbs, since I started at PK … I just turned 51 this year and feel AMAZING …..

I have always had a hard time sticking with any kind of program for more than 3 months. So when my 6 week challenge was over and I was talking with Mike about my options. I think he was surprised when I said I wanted to sign up for a year….. I still do 5 classes a week and enjoy everyone…

The classes change every time…I was laughing with my husband today about how my abs hurt, that what I want I told him.…. My husband said the other day, we have been together for over 25 years ( you never had a butt before ) and I like it….LOL

Ginna - Malvern, Pa

The College Hangover

Having been out of school for four years, I had put on a few unwanted pounds thanks to my desk job. I had aspirations of getting back to my early college weight but occasional running and pickup basketball was not doing the trick. I had gained some unwanted weight and was trying to burn it as fast as possible. It was time to start something new and life changing.

I found out about Precision Kettlebells through my wife’s friend and thought I would give it a try. I went to the instructional class on a Tuesday night expecting an easy workout and boy was I hurting the next couple days. But it felt good; it was a wake-up call to my body to get my ass in gear. The classes are intense but fun and challenging at the same time. The instructors are awesome and always looking out for your well-being. If anything, they are down to earth and easy to approach; hard to find in a conventional gym.

After a few weeks of kettlebell training and a few pounds lighter, I decided to compliment my training with the Slim Down challenge. Again I had no idea what I was in for during the six week challenge. I assumed it was more Kettlebell training with some “magic” to make me burn more fat. The six week Slim Down challenge has transformed my eating habits for the better. Gone are the processed foods; in are healthy and clean foods. Along with regular Kettlebell training, I haven’t felt this good since high school. I have lost almost 9 inches of fat and 11 pounds of fat weight in only six weeks!

Pat L - Malvern, Pa

Jump Start to a Better Me!

MariaThe holiday season, followed by a harsh winter, left me with a polar bear layer of fat. However, it wasn't so cute or cuddly. I knew it was time for a change. In the past I had started many workout programs. What I lacked was the motivation to see them to completion. Cue, Precision Kettlebells.

My first week of classes was rough. As I stood next to women twice my age, I felt disheartened to realize they were swinging weight three times as heavy as the small 8kg bell in my hand. I wondered if they were judging me struggling to complete a few push-ups. I was further saddened to say goodbye to sugary treats, alcohol, and other things I associated with good times.

At the three week weigh in I was surprised, not only at the progress I had made, but also at the changes I saw in myself. I looked forward to starting my day with a kettlebell class. I found myself choosing healthier options, even on cheat days. I had more energy and renewed confidence in what my body and I could do. I found everyone in class to be very welcoming and supportive.

Mike and Kate were extremely helpful and always available to answer questions or give advice. Sometime their posts on Facebook would help me to push past a roadblock or setback. After wearing my "skinny" clothes for the first time in awhile, coworkers are starting to notice my weight loss. I am proud to recommend Precision Kettlebells. I am proud that I was able to lose the weight in a healthy way. But most importantly, I am proud to start a new chapter in my life. Too me PK isn't a get skinny quick.... It is a jump start to an awesome new life.

Maria - Collegeville, Pa

Yo-Yo No More!

KristenI have been struggling with my weight loss for a few years now. It was always a yo-yo experience for me, up and down just a little at a time and never really making a difference. I also felt that I would never loose the weight and never get back to ‘me’. A few years ago I was a size 5, fit and healthy. Then the pounds started coming on and didn’t stop. Next thing I knew I was severely overweight and unhappy.

My fiancé found Precision Kettlebells through a groupon and tried out a class. When he received an email about the 6-week challenge he thought it would be great for me. I nervously signed up…..let me tell you how amazing the people are at Precision! I was welcomed right away and didn’t feel awkward or nervous like I thought I would! I was never comfortable working out or in a gym but at Precision I felt comfortable right away. I joined the 6-week challenge again in Spring 2014 after loosing around 45 pounds by using the diet that I received from the first 6-week challenge that I did in the Fall 2013. This last time I lost over 26 inches in just 6 weeks!! CRAZY!!!

Precision Kettlebells is by far the best place I have ever worked out. Going to the gym doesn’t compare to the workout that you receive in just an hour at Precision! The people and trainers are amazing. I actually look forward and love getting up at 5 a.m. to go to class! I never thought I would ever say that since I used to drag myself to the gym and barley even worked out then or make excused as to why I couldn’t go to the gym because I hated it so much. I have never done that with kettlebells class. I highly recommend Precision Kettlebells. I honestly could not have lost 65 pounds and over 30 inches in 5 months without Precision. If you have been struggling and felt like you could never do it, you can!

Kristen G - Downingtown, Pa