I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired

SharonMost people want to look better. I wanted to feel better too. I had the year from hell last year and the stress and anxiety got to the point where I literally could not sleep at night and started waking up with really bad chest pains. I ended up at the Cardiologist and found out I had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. He prescribed medications but when I went for my follow up visit he told me that there really wasn't much improvement and stressed during our "Come To Jesus" meeting the importance me adding diet and exercise to my lifestyle. That news hit me like a ton of bricks. I had every excuse in the world but I told myself no more ,enough! Luckily for me, a dear friend started calling me out on Facebook about Kettlebells. I didn't even know what a kettlebell was and didn't think I needed another social outlet and wouldn't like attending a scheduled class but I kept an open mind.

I am so glad I did! I loved PK from day 1! The owners and instructors are great and truly committed to their members well being, the classes are as fun as exercise can be and never the same, we are always learning something new. I had several friends at PK before I joined and I have some great new ones now. I honestly felt better after my first class. I come home from PK classes a hot mess but in a great way! I no longer collapse into bed at night from exhaustion at my day, now it's after a kick ass work out! My friends all notice a difference in the way I look and I do too, more definition, less flab. But mostly I am shocked at how much better I feel. I am stronger, more limber, I walk taller, have a spring in my step and have much more energy. I sleep like a baby and my chest pains/anxiety attacks are history. I am shocked at how quickly I felt the effects of my new lifestyle.

Another important motivation for me to join PK and "drink the Kool-Aid" is that fact that I have 3 teenagers, 1 who started college last year and twins who started high school. I realized that I would be much more effective if I walked that walk and didn't just talk the talk. How could I tell them work hard, be the best you you can be, just do it and you don't get another chance, this is not a dress rehearsal when none of those things applied to me. The one single incident that made the past two months totally worth it to me happened recently when my fitness fanatic son came home from college for the summer. The first thing he said to me was not what's for dinner, here's my laundry or can I have some money? I waited almost 19 years to hear the words he chose instead, I'm proud of you Mom. HE. HAD. ME. AT. HELLO!!!!

Margaret L - Malvern, Pa

Exercising was so boring!

JeanAbout 8 weeks ago I ran into 2 friends who talked all about kettlebells. I was a skinny person growing up...but around 40 I started to pack on the pounds! I have done every diet out there, but I never committed to exercise. I knew I needed to but it was so boring!

The 6 week slim down has really helped me change my eating habits ( I actually read food labels now ) and enjoy exercise. The workout is grueling....but totally exhilarating! While I did not lose as much as I wanted to I know that continuing to work out and being more aware of what I eat will pay off. I can already see that my muffin top isn't quite so prominent! And it really isn't that hard to eat healthier!

All the instructors are great and really keep an eye on what each person is doing so we are all having a good, safe workout! I am so glad I tried kettlebells. I think I am hooked!!

I am proud of myself....and I feel good that I am doing something so I will be around to bother my children for a long time!!

Jean - Malvern, Pa

New me looking back

SharonOne sunny day I received an email from Precision Kettlebell inviting me participate in The Kettlebell Challenge. I said, “what the heck, why not?” I’ve been trying to lose weight for most of my adult life with mixed results; the typical Yo-Yo. I go to the gym daily and eat well but don’t understand why I’m not losing the weight. Maybe they can help shed some light on what I need to do to achieve better results.

I show up at the gym for my first weigh in. I see a banner outside that says “Voted Best of Main Line.” Good sign. I walk into the gym and see hundreds of Kettlebells lined up, ropes hanging from the ceiling, pull up bars and bench presses in the back of the room. Umm, intimidation sets in; this is a He-Man gym! This young man approaches with a smile. The first thing I notice is his ramrod stature. I want to walk like that! His smile puts me at ease. More people show up and more than half are female and varying in age from perhaps mid 20s to in their 60s.
The work out begins. Now I work out daily so this should be a piece of cake. But those little iron balls weigh a ton! How could 15 seconds of swinging a little itty bitty ball make you feel like your heart is going to jump right out of your chest? Within minutes of the workout sweat is dripping from my face. Only 3,645 seconds to go!

It took me about 2 weeks to get into the swing of things (pun intended). But, everyone was very helpful. Mike and all the instructors walk around the class giving pointers and instructions. Seeing other first timers pushing themselves pushes me too. Classmates talk about their diet what they did right and wrong, swapping recipes and ideas. Mike and Kate go over my food log, so much for thinking I eat right. The first couple of weeks they point out what I’m doing wrong and what I got right. Through the entire challenge they encouraged each of us to change things up and try something different to get a different result.

6 weeks later I look in the mirror and there is a new me looking back. I LOVE what I see!! I have biceps and I wear sleeveless shirts to show them off. I am down one whole dress size. I lost a total of 17 inches! I stand taller, walk with more confidence, and feel strong and healthy. The amount of knowledge I learned in six weeks is astounding.

I go to My Gym where men and women of all shapes, sizes and age have the same drive. Where we work hard to be a quality of being that is very accurate and exact in our health, fitness, and life = Precision

Sharon P - Downingtown, Pa

Regrets... I've had a few.

It all started for me about 7 years ago. I was a 36 year old wife and mother with two kids. Life was good....my body was strong and I was happy with the way I looked. That all changed when I was...Surprise...pregnant again.... with twins. My body took a toll carrying my boys. I 'only' gained 50 pounds, and lost 20 of them right away. I thought for sure that losing the extra 30 pounds would be easy. I was wrong! In the 7 years since the boys have been born, I have literally lost NONE of those 30 pounds. And that's not without trying.

So, when a friend told me about the Sexy Slim Down weightloss challenge... I was skeptical. I've heard about Kettlebells before, and they scared me. I thought my bad back couldn't take it. But, we decided to take a leap of faith and do the challenge together. I'm so thankful that we did it. Kettlebells has made me stronger, leaner and the weight is finally starting to come off. I have more energy now than I've ever had before and my clothes are starting to fit better. YEAH! Kudos to Michelle, our 9:30am instructor, who teaches us proper form and is always so encouraging...yet tough as nails. Thank you Mike and Kate for giving me the tools I need to reach my goal. You guys have a great thing going with Precision Kettlebells. I'm really glad I took that leap.

So, what is my regret???
I regret that it took me 7 years to find the strength to make a change.

Kim -  Chester Springs, PA

What Happened to My Body??!!

BarbWalking the dog around the neighborhood isn't cutting it anymore! In my early 40s, a few pounds a year started creeping onto the scale. Once I hit 45, inches started creeping around my waist & back. Back fat....noooo! What happened to my toned arms and a flat stomach...what was happening to me?

Within 3 weeks of starting classes at Precision Kettlebells the back fat is disappearing and my waist is coming back. With Kettlebells, the combo of weight training with cardio really burns the fat, while building muscle. Within 6 weeks, I feel soooo much stronger!! And I feel much more confident in my clothes. I love the atmosphere of the 9:30am classes with Michelle. She busts our butts for an hour. It's a bunch of other "soccer moms" and "baseball moms" who are also on board to reshape our changing bodies. Thanks Mike & Kate Barbato for kick starting my path to change

Barb C - Malvern, Pa

Down 16 lbs of Fat


I entered the Sexy Slimdown Challenge with a goal of losing some weight and regaining some body tone. With that, I achieved both goals.

Precision Kettlebell classes are challenging. Kettlebell technique is important and the coaches did a great job of stressing this while teaching good form and technique. I always felt like I came away with a great workout.

The class environment is very supportive. Everyone involved has a positive attitude and pushes each other. The coaches make an effort to make every workout unique. This keeps things interesting and works many parts of the body. I would encourage anyone of any age or conditioning level to give 'Bells a try; the workouts are very effective. As it relates to the Challenge, I learned a lot about what I was eating and what I should change. Changing my diet took a week or so to get used to, but became routine over time. I had a great experience and plan to continue the workouts in the future.

Les - Malvern, PA