My daughter needs me to be strong and healthy

Strength Doesn't Come From What You Can Do. It Comes From Overcoming The Things You Once Thought You Couldn't……..


I have struggled with a weight problem the majority of my life. I have tried many of the popular diets on the market and although I would have some immediate success I could never maintain the weight loss and I would gain the weight back plus more the minute I stopped. My life is chaotic, I juggle working full time at my 50+ hour a week corporate job and raising my severely handicapped daughter who has no independence and requires complete and total care. During one of my daughter's life threatening health struggles last year I was alone in the hospital for several days with her which gave me lots of time to think and really evaluate my current lifestyle. There is a lot in my life I have no control over, my weight problem however is something I do have complete control over and I had to overcome this obstacle. My daughter needs me to be strong and healthy to take care of her, I should want to be strong and healthy because if there is anything she has taught me in the past 10 years it is that good health is a gift and we should never take that for granted.

I have lived on the Main Line my whole life. I would drive by Precision Kettlebells at least 2-3 times a week. I started reading about Kettlebell workouts and the amazing benefits that come along with doing them. It really sparked my interest. It took me several weeks to get the courage to sign up for my first class. Just like many other first timers, I was a nervous wreck walking in there for the first time. I was so intimidated. I kept saying to myself there is no way I am going to be able to do this, I am so out of shape. After meeting with Mike for less than 5 minutes he made me stop questioning if I could do it. He told me to trust him and his program and it will work. After the 45 minute class which blew by in what felt like 10 minutes, I could barely walk down the stairs to my car because I was so sore. Driving home that night I said to myself that was a hard class but you are not giving up. To get to anything good in life it usually requires a hard road to get there, right? I am so happy that I never gave up! I officially joined PK in May 2013 during a Transformation Weight Loss Challenge. The quicker you realize this is the 6 week program that is required to change the "REST OF YOUR LIFE" the better. This is not a diet, it is a complete lifestyle change. The 6 week transformation challenges that are offered at Precision Kettlebells teach you the tools you need to permanently change the rest of your life. If you follow the basics of the program by eating clean, drinking the water requirement and continue coming to class as often as you can, it really works.

The instructors are so encouraging, genuine and dedicated. They really want to help you reach your goal. Each instructor has a different teaching style which makes every class very unique and extremely fun. Everyone in class is so welcoming and so nice, you immediately feel like you belong there. The "family" atmosphere that Mike promotes with his business is the added bonus you never feel at any other fitness facility.

Kettlebell workouts change your entire body, not just one target area. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and joining Precision Kettlebells was the stepping stone that has changed my outlook on life entirely. My eating habits have permanently changed and my love of feeling great by exercising is something I never thought I would ever be able to accomplish. Don't stare at the number on the scale each week, just put in the time, stay dedicated and your hard work WILL pay off. Your entire body will start changing, your clothes will start to fall off. I promise you that. I have spent more money on smaller clothes in the past 11 months than I have in 5 years. This part truly ROCKS! I still have a ways to go to reach my goal but there is no looking back now.

Trust me! If this program works for me, it can work for any one of you. We are all in this together, together we can do this!

Beth - Paoli, PA

Physical Limitations to Unlimited Possibilities

After just finishing a 6 week challenge and winning, some of my friends asked : "why are you doing this again so soon?"
1.I had just returned from a vacation in the Caribbean, lots of great food and drinking ( not exactly the healthy eating I was getting used to)Now was the time to get back on track
2.I got lots of compliments on how I was looking good , ( translation in my head: now I can slack off and not work so hard and eat what I want)
3. I haven't reached my ultimate goal yet( working on small ones : 6 weeks at a time )
I'm so glad I did this a second time . I learned more about eating "clean". Some of the questions I had on the last challenge became even clearer this challenge .Towards the end of the last challenge I started adding more days of kettlebells than the required 3 and found that I could actually do it . So this challenge I tried to consistently do kettlebells 5 days a week .( I would do 7 if I could, I love it that much) I do realize a body needs to rest, so I do Tai Chi 2 days a week.

Kettlebells for me , has been life changing. I never found a workout like this that I could do and progress despite my physical limitations.I have lost weight , inches, ( needed to add notches in my belt so my baggy pants don't fall down)and have more energy than I've had in a long time. Mike and Kate are so supportive and helpful with recipe ideas and adjustments needed to my food logs .Mike,John ,Michele , and Lena challenge us each class and mix it up so it's never boring . I still have a lot of work to do to make it to my ultimate goal but I believe I have the foundation and support to keep on going with Precision Kettlebells, and everyday it's getting easier to get off the floor by myself .


All my life I was told I shouldn't run or jump to preserve my hip. I had given up on being able to do much physical activity without pain in my hip. Even walking can cause extreme pain.

A few years ago I started Tai Chi and started noticing some changes in my balance and strength. I had gained a lot of weight over the years and was searching for a way to lose weight. One of my Tai Chi friends suggested I see her husband and try hypnosis. During his sessions he mentioned kettlebells. This got me curious.

I noticed a post from one of my friends on Facebook that she went to Precision Kettlebells. She looks amazing so I kept asking her about it. I went and observed a beginner class and thought I might be able to do it. I found a groupon and thought why not try it. After going to a few beginner classes I went to a regular class, I kept thinking ,they are doing so much more than kettlebells! I can't get off the floor if I get down there! But I didn't give up! Mike helped modify my workouts to fit my activity level and made me feel like I should be there. I kept getting encouragement from others in the class as well as all the instructors.

I decided to try the six week transformation challenge. I found sticking to the diet wasn't too hard, learned to read labels and I found myself wanting to go to more than the required 3 times a week of kettlebell classes. I lost weight, inches, and can do more reps of squats and push-ups. Mike and his wife Kate were so supportive during the weight loss challenge. All of the instructors, Mike, John, Lena and Michele make each class challenging as well as interesting. You never know what to expect so it doesn't get boring.

I can't wait to get to the next class to keep seeing what I CAN do. I can now get off the floor by myself!!

Deb Schulze - Phoenixville, Pa

Well worth the time and effort….

SheilaWell worth the time and effort…. Before the Transformation Challenge, I had lost over 30 lbs within the last year or so by a combination of eating better and exercising a few days per week but was still struggling with making better food choices. I decided to participate in the Transformation Challenge since I was at a plateau and needed a jump start to get back on track to get to my goal weight and better health. The class atmosphere is GREAT!. No one judges; they offer encouragement and support; and most importantly it is challenging and FUN! When I am unable to attend class, I miss it! The trainers are EXCELLENT! They are supportive, provide encouragement and know when to challenge you to ensure you get the most out of the class. Joining Precision Kettlebells and participating in the Transformation Challenge were two of the best decisions I have made. I have lost weight, lost inches, gained strength, and most importantly gained the knowledge on making better food choices.

Sheila - Drexel Hill, Pa


FayWhy the Transformation Challenge? My friends asked me this question throughout the challenge. The big comment from most had been, ‘you don’t need to lose any weight’. For me it was not about losing weight, it was about getting stronger and getting in better shape.

I can say that I’ve accomplished both these goals. However, I still can’t do a ‘real’ push up or pull up so this is my next goal which is why I signed on for a membership. I can’t give up now! I enjoyed the classes and think the trainers are good. I think Michele is hard since she does not allow much time for a break and moves the class along quickly which for me can be challenging at times. I do the best I can in her classes. T

he people in the classes are so nice and I think we all have a good time while working out. I’m not the best person to be on a diet program. I did have a hard time not eating in the morning since I start my day at 5:00 AM. I stopped doing the coconut oil, it did not agree with me…..or it could be I just did not like it. I’m not sure I would change anything about the program. It works if you follow it. For those people who don’t, they have to accept the fact that they will not be as successful. 

Fay - Downingtown, Pa

How out of shape are most of us??


I had never taken an exercise class before Precision Kettlebells. Oh, I had gym memberships and lifted weights, and even ran on the treadmill, but never a class with an instructor; someone to tell me what to do, how to do it and when to keep pushing. After my first class with Mike I realized that he was what I needed in order to get in shape. Prior to my first class I was running/walking about 2-4 miles on the treadmill 5 times a week. I took the 101 class and walked like an 80 year old for two days!! It made me realize how out of shape I really was. How out of shape are most of us?? I never ached, had the muscle shakes, or even broke a sweat when I went to the gym. Mike's workouts are amazing!!! I am a hot sweaty mess when I'm done. He is so good at being on top of my needs during the workout; a lighter bell, a heavier bell, a break, a change in the routine, a smile, a swift kick in the __S. Whatever it is, he has a sixth sense and just seems to know what I need.

I was very skeptical about the life changing diet Mike gave me, but it really works. The regimen is so gray, and in case you don't know me I don't do gray very well. I want to be told what to eat, when to eat it and how to eat it. You aren't going to get that with this diet. Everybody is different, what works for one might not work for another. Who doesn't read a new diet and see something that won't work for them. Then you write it off. This diet was the same for me. I saw “fast day” and knew that would be my biggest hurdle!!! Why am I going to starve myself when I have food to eat? It wasn't religious or anything, just ethical. But seeing everyone else do it, I wanted to see if I could. WOW I won't trade how I feel after fast day for anything. Mike says is resets your body. Really, there is no other way to describe how you feel the day after. You are reset, back to the beginning, cleansed.

I was shown a quote from Rawganic Vegan Facebook page during my 6 Week Slim Down. "Your diet, regardless of what type of food you eat, should not be your whole life and identity. You are so much more than that."

In an email to Mike I mentioned that looking at the ingredients, counting calories and protein, weighing food, and planning meals was a full time job. His reply was, "Yes this is a full time job. It's your body. There's nothing more important!"

I'm a believer!!. I’m sticking with Mike and PK!!

Jenifer Murray - Malvern Pa

Mom of three and no time

JaimeBeing a mom of three, I have always put myself last and devoted my time to my children and over the years I put on extra pounds and was very uncomfortable and unhappy with my appearance.  Then one day I happened to come upon Precision Kettlebells Six Week Fitness Challenge and I thought- what a great way to jump start a fitness routine.

Well, I have been amazed!  I feel 100% better than I did six short weeks ago, not to mention I also look better.  The classes are great-never the same thing, it's always something new and fun.  The people are very welcoming and encouraging.  Mike is an awesome instructor!  He gets to know everyone and if you need help with something he knows before you have to ask and walks over and helps you through it without making you feel uncomfortable.  He truly speaks from experience and that makes all the difference in the in the world!!!

As I look back at these past six weeks, I have learned so much.  The way I look at nutrition and fitness has drastically changed.  I now think more about what and how I am eating and how it will make me feel.  I look forward to going to class and make sure I make it a priority for me to get there.  

Jaime Pizzi - Malvern, Pa