A great assistant at the Philadelphia RKC

I just completed the RKC instructor certification course in Philadelphia. Mike was one of the assistant instructors on my team. Mike is an excellent KB trainer. He is very knowledgable and can help you fix little problems with just a few simple instructions. He provides constructive criticism as needed and motivates the student to be their best! I was honored to have him watch over me!
Giacinta Aspite - Philadelphia, PA

Dead On

As an assistant for Team Williams, Mike made my experience at the Philly RKC incredible. As the progression of the three grueling days wore on, Mike never did. He continued to help us through the basic skills as a kind, patient,competent instructor from the first hour to the last minute. His insights were always dead on.
It is an honor to say that I trained under Mike!
Mickey - Furlong, PA

Precision is my form. Girya for life!

Before I started taking classes with Mike at Precision, I thought I knew how to move with a kettlebell from the DVDs I purchased. No way - not even close... but then I love to learn something new. Now I've had four or five kettlebell classes with Mike and these have literally been the best workouts of my life for strength and cardio - and they're a lot of fun. Even after 15 years of martial arts training, a workout at Precision with Mike was far superior. In the time frame of a few weeks, I've put on more muscle, increased my overall strength, and improved my mental alertness - all due to the way Mike ramps up and sustains the workout rythmns in his kettlebell classes. I am so very impressed. I gotta say, at 49, I look in the mirror at my 30-something body and say Wow! Thanks Mike!
Precision is my form. Girya for life!
Karl - West Chester, Pa

Triathlon strength and endurance

I have been competing in triathlons for 10 years. Over this past winter (2009/2010)I began kettlebell training with Mike Barbato. My first tri of 2010 was a half lite in the beginning of May. This is a very early triathlon for that length (50 miles total). I completed this difficult endurance test with relative ease thanks to Mike and his training! My strength was better, my swimming was strong, my breathing was easy and steady. Swimming I need strong legs, arms and shoulders...biking I need strong legs and back...running I need my core legs and breathing to be strong. Kettlebells worked my entire bosy kept me strong! Thank you Mike for your dedication and excellent training!
ReRe Bonelli - Malvern, Pa

You get more as he gets better

Mike came to me in 2005 shortly after i was certified as an RKC. He appeared as though he would be just another pumped up gym rat who'd fall out after his first set of swings and then go fix his hair, but i'll be a monkey's uncle! The kid had amazing form and was not a bloated beefcake like i had been at his age.

After his love for kettlebells and passion for fitness and self improvement manifested outside the walls of the gym in the form of a 2008 RKC Certification, 'Bato' took it upon himself to add another 20 hours to his already busy week and begin training clients.

I have seen him mature with and without a kettlebell in his hand, on and off the field, with and without command of a class. As he gets better, he gives you more. Do you want more?!!!??!
Eric "Will" Williams RKC 2005 - East Coast

Life Changing

Mike changed my life. I had been doing other types of exercise with no results, it was getting depressing. Last fall I started training with Mike at Precision Kettlebells. Mike told me that I could not skip any classes that I had to make a commitment to this program. So I started learning how to do Kettlebells, it wasn't hard it was fun! Mike was always on me on my technique," if you don't follow the right form it wont give you maximum benefit of the exercise and you might hurt yourself." he would tell me. So the summer came around and it was pool time. I went to the pool I usually go to every summer I got some strange looks from people I see every summer. One woman said to me," Sharon? Is that you? What happened to you? You lost weight and you look so firm everywhere." I said "I've been doing kettlebells with Mike Barbato as my trainer." She replied," Well whatever you did keep it up you look great!" Mike has an investment in each and everyone of his students and their success is his success too. THANK YOU MIKE!!
Sharon Moran - Malvern, Pa