Making Real Progress

I have been attending Mike's Kettlebell classes for about 8 months. I had no previous experience with Kettlebells. Mike has proven himself to be an excellent instructor by taking the time with everyone in the class to ensure that we understand and can execute the various swings and techniques. Mike always personally demonstrates each exercise which I find very helpful given my limited experience with Kettlebells. He is also very good at monitoring his students to make sure they are continually using proper techniques so that they may realize the desired benefits. I have belonged to a gym and have tried to keep a regular workout schedule for many years. However, I never achieved the fitness level I was looking for as I wasn't able to maintain enough motivation. I have no problem with motivation for Mike's Kettlebells as I look forward to the workouts because I actually enjoy them. Mike is constantly "mixing" things up which keeps it interesting, challenging, and even fun. I'm 57 and my goal is to be in better shape than I was at 37 and, thanks to Mike, I'm making real progress!
Garth Avery - Exton, Pa.

Lazy & Chunkie to Kettlebell Junkie

I started back in September of 2010 when a friend gave me a gift certificate...I always loved to be physically fit but after years of pretty much "doing nothing" except paying for a gym membership which I never used, I decided it was time to stop being an excuse maker for not working out and try something new. Well, I have to tell you that Mike has made me a "kettlebell junkie." He is so patient when you first start, showing you all the moves over and over and not making you feel embarrassed because you are the new person when there are so many experienced people in the class.
His dedication to his class is bar none and way above any expectation I ever had. He always asks if you have any "questions, comments or concerns". He is truly an amazing instructor.
My whole attitude has changed, I feel so much better inside and out. I actually look forward to all the classes, and on those days everything else is second..
Thank you, Mike, for being a great instructor...keep pushing us to our know we can do it better than we know ourselves...AND THAT IS SUCCESS.....
Trish Fuydal - Malvern, PA

Excellent Instructor

I just recently started training with Mike and find his instruction to be superb! I was reluctant to try Kettlebells, due to my age, but after my first lesson with Mike, I felt confident that I might be able to continue. He is very patient and his passion for training is evident. He encourages you to push further, while at the same time mindful of your condition. I have tried several different gyms/workouts over the years, and this has been the most challenging and rewarding. I look forward to my workouts with Mike. Thank you, Mike.
Susan M - West Chester

Feeling strong is a great feeling

I have been working out with Mike Barbato and Precision Kettlebells for over a year and the thing I like most about Mikes classes is the great attitude Mike has towards all of his clients including myself. Mike's classes are always fun and I always feel like I get a great workout every class. I allways leave feeling better about myself and what I have learned.

Feeling strong is a great feeling. Training with Mike Barbato make it happen!

Thanks Mike for putting together fun and challenging workouts and also helping me hone my kettlebells skills with each and every class.

John Hubickey, RKCWest Chester, PA