4 Week Progressive At Home Workouts

My workouts have been stripping women (and men) of body fat for the past 8 years, right here in Malvern.

So I thought I’d share a 4 week progressive “do anywhere” program with you, that way you can get a similar effect without coming into my studio.

After all, it’s September, the most popular time to get back into a good routine. We all tend to get more focused when summer is over and the kids go back to school etc.

I call September “New Year’s Resolution 2.0”.

I feel you can either,

– choose to sit back, relax and deal with the dreaded 5-10 pounds of “summer weight gain”, during the rest of the year, which in turn means you’ll spin your wheel through the fall and when holiday season gets here, you may be up to 20 pounds or more by the time ” New Year” 2018 hits….


You can get pumped up, plan your workout schedule, prep healthy meals, & get your workouts in to lose another 5-10 pounds this month and be on your way to that “Look At Me” body you’ve always wanted for the holidays 🤗

The choice is yours really…so let’s start with the workouts and KEEP READING to make September your “New Year’s Resolution 2.0​” month!

These progressive workouts can be used as a stand alone workout or workout finishers. You can do these anywhere to get a total body blast, working your muscles/strength while burning body fat.

Just like you, my time is valuable. so I feel ya on the “busy” excuse- husband, father and business owner.

Life is full and life is good:)

Take advantage of these

See you soon,

-Mike Barbato, Your Body Transformation Expert

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4 Week Progressive At Home Workouts

Perform 3 total body workouts per week with a day of rest between workouts: Workout A, Workout B, and Workout C. For example, perform Workout A on Monday, Workout B on Wednesday, and Workout C on Friday.

HOW TO DO IT: In addition to your routine or standalone routine. Each workout consists of 3 main exercises that work your whole body. For each each workout you will use a 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off interval (Modified Tabata Training) for 5 rounds, rest a minute, and repeat for as much time you have. Each round, including rest will take 5:30 to complete. I recommend performing 2-4 total cycles

WEEKLY PROGRESSION: In weeks 1 and 2, do NOT perform anything different. In weeks 3 and 4, change the time to 30 second on and 15 seconds off to shock the system and prevent any plateaus. You could also use a 15-15 interval in weeks 1 and 2 if you’re new to this style of training and then progress to a 20-10 interval in weeks 3 and 4.


​​Workout A:
Eagle Jacks (seal jacks)
Squats (weight optional) or Squat Jumps
Push ups (on knees for beginners)

Workout B:​
Mountain Climbers
Speed Skaters
Alternating Lunges

Workout C:​
Glute Bridges each leg (Feet on the floor,lift hips up)
Push ups

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