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I have my struggles… every day, just like everyone else.






Case Study – Ongoing Progress…

Comfort zone…That’s what these pants were to me as of four months ago. No I didn’t lose the weight over the last four months. It’s actually been happening over the last 20 months. I’ve shed 77.8 pounds of fat since I stepped outside of my comfort zone and joined Precision Kettlebells.

I was never one for gyms. They were never my thing. I preferred working out in the comfort of my home. But I hit a low point in my life – and my heaviest weight – and needed to do something for myself.

I walked into Precision Kettlebells on February 11, 2016 and I haven’t looked back. It has not been easy.

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Do I really want to get out of bed everyday at 3:15? No.

Do I want to hit snooze? Yes. But do I? No.

Why? Because I make ME my first “meeting” of the day.

I don’t want to let myself down, nor the people who support me especially Mike and Kate, and the others at PK. The hard work and effort that they all put into our classes and the members is beyond what anyone could ask for.

Is it easy? Heck no! I’ve been sick, stuck at work, vacations, holidays, had shoulder injuries…
I have my struggles…every day, just like everyone else. Especially when the weight stopped coming off. I was working out and eating just “okay.” I was finally comfortable with the way I looked again. So I allowed myself more Cheat “Treat” meals than I should. But as it has been said, “You Can’t Out Train A Bad Diet.”

I had to look at myself and reevaluate what I really want. I want to be healthy again. Not for short term purposes, but for the rest of my life.

Creating and maintaining a healthy body are important. But equally so, is one’s mental well-being. I have learned that I am deserving of happiness, and strength and good health. So now if I start to slip, I will have that to grasp onto to, to pull myself back on track and continue on this new life I’ve gifted myself.

Steph – Boyertown PA

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