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The results of this 5-week challenge was beyond any of my expectations.






A Comprehensive Lifestyle and Fitness Program…

Bob's Transformation Recently, Mike Barbato, the owner of Precision Kettlebells, announced a challenge over a 5-week period to lose 5% of my total weight and body mass. I did not know what to expect, but from the first meeting all takers had access to a private Facebook group, an outline of how each of us would be accountable, nutritional information with eating schedules, and recommendations for an action plan.

Personally, I am not a big Facebook user, however, during the 5-weeks this private Facebook group became a community for us to share successes, challenges, recipes, and so much more. I found being part of community interesting; not only did I receive encouragement from others in this group, the social aspect helped me stay accountable for my success.

A big key to success during the 5-weeks was our daily nutrition. After our weigh-in and measurements, Kate Barbato gave each of us daily calorie and macronutrient recommendations. Using these targets in MyFitnessPal each of us could track our calories. Our eating schedule had two elements, carb cycling with many recipes from Kate, and windows of when we should and should not eat. After the first meeting, I had concerns about the recipes and with these eating windows. However, I found these recipes easy to follow and quick to prepare typically taking 30 to 45 minutes. These targets, recipes, and the MyFitnessPal tool helped me throughout this challenge.

The action plan was for each of us to define how we would meet exercise and nutritional goals. This was helpful since this is a lifestyle and mindset change, which is not easy being a male in my mid-50’s who is pretty set in my ways. Having tried other programs previously, such as P90X, I found these to be too restrictive with the lifestyle my wife and I want to support. However, I found with this challenge, other than a slight ramp-up period, there is enough flexibility with how we ate by allowing for exceptions so my wife and I could enjoy the PA Renaissance Faire and an Oktoberfest celebration without destroying my progress.

The results of this 5-week challenge was beyond any of my expectations. During the 5 weeks, I did workout at least 5 times a week, and did my best to meet my daily macronutrient targets. My results include losing 16 lbs. with a 6% loss on my chest, and 9% loss on both my waist and hips while adding 5% to my biceps. There was also an increase in my energy level. Finally, the other outcomes I did not expect were my doctors encouraging comments about my weight lost and hearing my wife comment on how good I look.

Bob – Malvern PA

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