Success story – Judi

I am still following program and continue to lose






Finally Found A Program That Worked…

Fit in 5 transformationI was excited to finally find a combined fitness and nutritional program that worked for me with the Precision Kettlebells Fit in 5 Experience! Mike and Kate provide a great program with online support and encouragement not just from themselves but from all the other participants. Kate provided some great recipes to start us off but I also loved hearing how others prepped and their ideas to get through the week.

I did back to back Fit in Five sessions and never felt deprived because whatever food did not fit in my macros one day would fit in my macros the next. The workout themselves are hard and challenging but due to the interval format, encouraging instructors, options and 45 minute timing – time seems to fly by.

Weeks later I am still following program and continue to lose even in the midst of holiday parties. If I over indulge one night, I now have the tools to get right back on track.

Thanks Mike and Kate for providing a space (both at the gym and online) and the tools to help me become a healthier, happier and more confident person.

Judi – Morgantown PA

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