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Time and Motivation were two struggles I had to overcome



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Swinging kettlebells around…
I pictured these big bulky dudes swinging gigantic hunks of metal around! I was terrified I either wouldn’t be able to hang in, or that I would somehow injure my back. That was my biggest fear before joining PK.

Can you relate? This is Heather’s story of how she is a mom of 3 that had No Time and No Motivation to workout and now killing her workouts at PK

I started with a 6 week transformation challenge which was awesome for so many reasons. I lost 11 lbs over the course of those 6 Heather---3up weeks. I took mostly morning classes that were instructed by Mike who was SUPER patient with my learning curve…and there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using kettlebells. I can’t stress just how good Mike is at his job. He coaches through modeling and then somehow manages to keep an eye on each person in each class. He helps you make little adjustments so that you don’t injure yourself. And he’ll work with you until you’re executing the exercises perfectly, or close to it. He also knows where each member is in his/her kettlebell practice so he knows just how to push you to become stronger, or how to make adjustments to your practice if you’re struggling or recovering from an injury.

Time and Motivation were two struggles I had to overcome. I have had 3 kids in 4 years and gained a ton of weight with my last pregnancy. I had a hard time making time for myself to workout to lose the weight because those first years with a baby are crazy! I also had a husband that worked 50-60 hour work weeks but THANKFULLY PK offers classes early in the morning so once all three kids were sleeping through the night, I could get up and workout 5 days a week, if I wanted to, before my husband left for work. The motivation came when I saw awesome results in those first 6 weeks of the Little Black Dress challenge. Once I could see physical changes, clothes fitting more loosely, butt and waist actually shrinking, etc. I just wanted to keep going.

I’ve lost 20 lbs total since I joined PK 8 months ago. Doing one of PK’s challenges taught me the ins and outs of truly eating healthily and cutting out the crap. I shop and cook healthier for my whole family. I try to live a 80/20 lifestyle and workout 5-6 days a week and just by adopting these lifestyle changes, the weight continues to come off. I no longer dread trying on clothes. I’m now willing to be in photographs with my kids where I used to avoid the camera. PK offers so much support. Not just in each class, but with caring owners and a supportive online community found on their facebook page. I’ve carved out much needed time to take care of myself each day which makes me a better person and better parent. Simply put, I’m healthier and happier!

If you’re struggling with your fitness goals and have thought about joining, Come do a PK challenge. They’re usually 6 weeks or less…what do you have to lose….but fat?! If you stick to the plan they lay out for you, you WILL see results which will hopefully drive you to keep going after those 6 weeks are over.

Heather – Malvern PA

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