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Sugar is like a drug for me and I have to avoid it completely.






It was Do or Die…

My biggest fear was making a total ass of myself. While I had lost some weight before starting PK, I am not physically active and I’m so uncoordinated. I worried about what to wear, I worried about starting, I worried about keeping up.

Can you relate? This is Jeannine’s story of how she overcome her mental state of fear and is now getting stronger, physically and mentally with every workout at PK 💪🏼 💣

I can’t take the credit for overcoming this fear. I just joined and hoped for the best. I had joined twice before and only came a few times before dropping out, so this was do or die. I know Beth outside of PK and have watched her transformation and have seen what a wonderful community PK is. Everyone I have met since joining PK helped me overcome my self-consciousness by being super nice, friendly and welcoming. Plus I quickly realized that because everyone is working out so hard, no one is paying any attention to my feeble attempts at burpees (still can’t even come close).

My biggest struggle was Commitment. It’s so hard to drag your butt out of bed in a cold, dark morning (I have since mostly given up on that) or running home after work to change and then driving only slightly 🙂 over the speed limit to make an evening class. I can lie to myself and keep making excuses as to why I can’t make class and have some feeble excuse to justify it. But I actually enjoy coming to PK. It’s nice to belong somewhere that people know who you are, take a genuine interest in you and will motivate you to continue. The music isn’t so bad either 🙂

My life since joining Precision Kettlebells? Well, I love feeling stronger!! I recently went to London with my daughter for her 21st birthday. Afterwards, I thought about how not once did I worry that I wouldn’t be able to do something or sit comfortably. We literally were on planes, trains, and automobiles. Up hills and steps (our hotel room was on the 4th floor, with no “lift”…I didn’t realize, however, that there were two full flights of steps in between floors – 96 steps up to our room!) We walked miles and miles every day. I was the one hoisting the luggage up and down from the plane’s overhead (and we crammed an awful lot in those carry-ons!) I felt so normal. And then sad that I spent so many years either not doing activities or doing them but feeling miserable.

If you’re holding back from starting with us at PK, don’t, you owe it to yourself. Really. It’s that simple, and yet it’s not. Fitness places/gyms are super intimidating for most people. How many people have had gym memberships they never used, treadmills that make great coat racks and a dusty collection of Billy Blanks dvds. PK is different if you just give them and you the opportunity. It’s a time commitment and hard work. But the rewards are worth the effort.

A little bit more you should know. It’s not strictly my PK experience but my personal experience. Not to sound corny, but if someone reading can identify with me and reach out for help, then I’ll be happy. I have struggled with weight and eating my entire life. I have done almost every diet out there since I was 11. I’ll show my age and say I went to Elaine Powers Fitness for women where I shoved my thighs into jiggly belts in an attempt to lose weight. I ate and I ate. I periodically went to doctors to make sure that I wasn’t going to die, just yet, from overeating. And then since I wasn’t I would celebrate by having some ice cream. 2 years ago I weighed over 300 pounds. A friend learned of Overeaters Anonymous (yes, it’s just like AA except it’s for food addicts) and now I don’t eat sugar or flour. Since then, I have lost over 75 pounds, I have my life back and my body is free from cravings. Sugar is like a drug for me and I have to avoid it completely. Joining PK and getting physically stronger helps me to continue working on being a better me!

Jeannine – Wayne, PA

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