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I’d been making that excuse (and others) to myself forever and the only way to find out, was to give it a try.






I’ve been making excuses…

I hadn’t worked out consistently in years and was worried about having my butt kicked- like, would I make through a class or would I be exhausted the rest of the day? That was a concern for me before I started at Precision Kettlebells. It’s one thing to find the time to go, it’s another to be dragging the rest of the day.

I figured I’d been making that excuse (and others) to myself forever and the only way to find out, was to give it a try. Starting at PK during a challenge help me get over that concern, too, because I knew that I had only committed to a trial run, so worst case scenario, I had an out. That said, there were always suggestions for modifications, so I could take it one class at a time and not overdo it out of the gate.

I think the biggest thing that I struggled with in terms of working out consistently was that I hadn’t found anything that I really enjoyed or that I didn’t get bored with eventually. I like that the classes at PK are predictable in terms of what is included- but each instructor or day might be different in terms of the mix of warm-ups, exercises, and format. It keeps me engaged and challenged.

Now that I’m a member of PK, exercise is now a regular part of my life. I look forward to it and I feel “off” if I don’t work out a few times per week. I think more about how I fuel my body, especially if I have class the next day. Of course, it’s a nice bonus that I have lost weight and gained muscle and I don’t feel like I have to dress to hide flaws, but can dress to show off my hard work!

We have all been there where we know we should be exercising and whether we admit it or not, it nags at us or we feel guilty about not doing it. There are lots of reasons to continue to put it off and real challenges to getting started. But if you make a short term goal for yourself of working out three times per week, starting slowly so you aren’t slammed, but ramp up as soon as you are able, so you see results, you WILL feel better and then feel motivated to keep going. If you tell yourself out of the gate, that you will only commit to a month (but really commit!) and then reassess, it’s not overwhelming. It’s a month of a new schedule and finding the time, it’s a couple “firsts” where you walk in to an unfamiliar scenario and kind of put yourself out there in a way you probably haven’t had to in a while, but doable. If that’s all you are committing to, would you do it?

I really like the community feeling and FitFam vibe at PK. It’s nice that people are welcoming when you are new and always offer encouragement or accountability if you want or need it.

Shannon – Berwyn PA

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