Success story – Jessica

“”I was a nervous wreck and I cried in the bathroom…”






Life Changing

I was in a health crisis. I was 100+ lbs overweight with high blood pressure and I had ignored my Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis for over a year. I craved every sugary food and beverage under the sun not to mention fried and processed foods. Since I have a job where I walked a lot and my life is busy all the time, I somehow convinced myself that I lead an active lifestyle. Well, I was really fooling myself. I was surviving, I wasn’t living. I was depressed most of the time and cried a lot. I was always doing for others while ignoring myself.

Then I saw an Instagram post for Precision Kettlebells Transformation Challenge. My life changed the day I walked in for my discovery session with Kate. From day 1 I found a no judgement zone. A team of coaches and trainers who cared about not only my fitness but my self-worth. I was encouraged and held accountable which oddly enough made me want to hold myself accountable. I made changes every day and continue to do so.

My very first class, I thought I wouldn’t make it. I was a nervous wreck and I cried in the bathroom. Mike helped me with every movement and made modifications for my fitness level. I was so worried that everyone was watching me make mistakes. The truth is Kettlebell Training takes your brain power and your muscles to make it happen. Everyone in class is working so hard to focus on executing the movement correctly, there is no has time to look at you! So don’t let the fear of group exercise stop you!! Especially with the PK family here; everyone is warm, inviting and supportive of each other. Worried about getting bored? Don’t! Each class is different, you work hard but feel awesome afterward. Worried about being hungry? Don’t! Come to class, follow the nutrition plan and you will feel completely satisfied.

Over the course of six weeks I grew stronger every class. Cravings for bad foods went away, I actually wanted to eat arugula! My blood sugar began to stabilize. Pounds began to melt, inches fell away, I slept better, my stress levels decreased, and I had more energy. I enjoy coming to class and miss it when I am not there. What I treasure most about the past six weeks is that I finally bet on myself. I learned that I was worth it! And you know what? ….YOU ARE TOO!!

Jessica – Kennett Square PA