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In a 45-minute workout I receive the benefit of lifting weights and aerobic activity at the same time







More than a gym…

I recently celebrated my 1 year anniversary at Precision Kettlebells. I will be honest I was not sure if I was going to like kettlebells but after a few months several things happened. First, I realized this was more of a community than going to the gym night after night alone. This community starts with the efforts of Mike and Kate.

When I started, I was lucky if I could swing a 20 KG kettlebell using 2-hands throughout a workout along with completing other exercises during class. However, Mike, the other coaches, and everyone in these classes are always willing to help with suggestions on form and they’re always encouraging you to complete your workout. This is an environment where it supports you and your personal capabilities allowing you to adjust your workout while staying with the rest of the class. I observe how each person and myself gain the most of a workout and being able to come back for the next workout (in other words, not getting hurt due to bad form).

Being in my mid-fifties, I carry a lot of baggage with past injuries. Mike works with me providing suggestions on exercises I can do outside of class. For example, I was unable to grip a bell or a pull-up bar for an extended period-of-time. After a few months, my arm strength began to increase allowing me to complete workouts and resulted in me meeting a personal goal by completing 15 pull-ups at the end of a workout this past July.

Another reason I continue to go back for these classes at Precision Kettlebells is in a 45-minute workout I receive the benefit of lifting weights and aerobic activity at the same time. I associate many of these workouts to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts I did in my past allowing me to burn at least 600 calories per workout. These classes are also helping me with my ability to do multi-day hiking with a good size pack. Finally, this is also something my wife and I do 4 to 5 times a week together where Mike continues to challenge us both.

If you are looking for a challenge, a community, to get back into shape, and / or to have some fun while working out, I highly recommend Precision Kettlebells.

Bob – Malvern, PA

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