Success story – Carrie

” I’ve been “trying out” gyms my whole life…






See what you think….

What do you have to lose?
I was ready to find something consistent to finally lose weight, eat right, and adopt a healthier lifestyle. The classes at PK are high-energy, incredibly motivating, and appeal to all fitness levels. I ❤️ the variety day-to-day; always changing up the workouts keeps it fresh and exciting. The class environment is positive, upbeat, and no b.s. I’ve been “trying out” gyms my whole life. PK makes me want to commit; it is just different.

If you’re hesitant to start, don’t be! The support system is amazing and you won’t ever regret being healthier. Sure, I’ve lost weight, but what have I gained? Energy. Confidence. A stronger concept of how to fuel my body.

There’s no going back now…or ever.

Carrie – Malvern PA

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