Ways To Get Results




Group Fitness
In Studio

Our group training approach offers you peronal training attention, especially for you newbies, but for half the cost and with way more scheduling flexibility. Your training sessions may be filled with 10-20 motivated and energetic people set out to crush their goals, just like you. This intimate size allows for the personalized coaching as needed, along with the chance to meet new friends. And since it’s super affordable, you can work out more often and get faster results.



*** Classes are offered as two-way, live-streamed Zoom classes.***

Our classes are designed for maximum fat loss and general conditioning while building strength and delivering a cadriovascular response. We’ll motivate you to challenge yourself but will recommened you to go at your own pace.

In addition to the live-stream, you'll have access to 5 High Quality video playbacks just incase you miss a session

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Virtual Trial

Customized NUTRITION

Honestly, the workout is the easy part...

Nutrition is where most of us struggle. Until now...

The Transformation Academy is where we get down and dirty over a 12 week period to build a sustainable plan around your specific goals while building habits you need to live a lean fit, healthy lifestyle.

It's the last program you'll ever need!


NOTE: In light of COVID, PK is committed to providing the safest training environment possible. To learn more about our extensive precautions to keep clients safe, go HERE. Click below to sign up for our In-Studio intro offer and try us out with no commitment.