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Hate to admit it, but should have listened to my wife about PK much sooner






I started to realize what I was missing…

BrianPSo a lot of you know my wife who has been a rather enthusiastic member of Precision Kettlebells for over 3 and a half years. She had certainly asked many times for me to try out a class. While group fitness was of NO interest to me, I did join in on some social and charitable events my wife invited me to attend with others from the PK Community – Mud Runs, 5ks, etc.

It wasn’t until an invitation came for the Bells and Beers event this summer at Locust Lane Brewery in Malvern. Maybe it was the incentive of a post-workout beer, but something in me decided it was worth giving a try. I admit I was skeptical. But even through the humidity and blazing sun that Sunday morning, I started to realize what I was missing. Having gone as a guest to that event, I was invited to do a Free Two Week Pass.

I started the trial after vacation in August and found that I was loving how every class was different, and how after just one week I felt stronger. I became a member after the trial and the next month Jill convinced me to do the Fit in Five program with her. I had such great results after the first five weeks that I continued the program for another four weeks.

Admittedly, it was easier than I thought it would be with the support of the Facebook group page for others doing the challenge, the support and classes Mike and Kate offered and the meal prep and planning Jill and I were able to do together at home. I have the tools now to continue toward my ultimate goal.

I look at labels and the macros in each food now, trying my best to eat as clean as possible while getting to class at least 4 days each week.

Hate to admit it, but should have listened to my wife about PK much sooner!

Brian – Malvern PA

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