Success story – Jen

” I feel stronger and healthier than ever!!







Stronger Than You Think…

One day after work my friend dragged me with her to check out PK and a challenge she heard of. I went in not knowing what a kettlebell was or what I was getting myself into. After having a bad accident and breaking my ankle, hip and back, i was worried that this may not be a great idea for me. However, from the beginning, Mike made me feel at ease and was confident i could do this.

Since joining PK, I can honestly say I feel stronger and healthier than ever! Nothing beats starting my day with the 6am crew and working out to great music! The PK classes are always fun and challenging and push you to reach your goals. From day 1, everyone has been so supportive! The trainers are all fantastic and the PK family is there to help you and wants to see you succeed!

For someone who was still getting physical therapy and had never done any weight training before, I went into this extremely nervous. After 2 months here, I feel confident and strong and my residual pain is gone. I absolutely love PK and joining was the best thing I have done! Before I didn’t know what a kettlebell was and now i can’t imagine my life without them 💪🏼

Jen – West Chester PA

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