The “Lingo”

A bunch of commonly used words, names, and acronyms used around PK

Though our Coaches do explain each exercise and workout, sometimes you may look at the whiteboard and see gibberish. Here’s a list of our commonly used words, names, and acronyms that you may see or hear during your session at Precision Kettlebells.

Name Meaning
Sw Swings
2H 2 Hands at a time
2HSW 2 Handed Swings
1A 1 Arm
L / R Left Side / Right Side
Sqt Squats
G. Squats Goblet Squats
DL Dead-Lift
RDL Romanian Dead-Lift
SLDL Singe Leg Dead-LIft
SCDL Suitcase Dead-Lift
Sumo DL Sumo Dead-Lift
DBL Double Kettlebells (2)
DBLSW Double Kettlebell Swing
EMOM Every Minute On the Minute
AMRAP As Many Rounds As Possible
The "RACK" Holding a kettlebell or bells at the shoulder