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I have been noticing small changes – and realized many of them this past week




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The Little Things…

For the last couple of months I have been noticing small changes – and realized many of them this past week on our vacation. I thought when I finally got to my goal weight, I could do anything/everything, but I am realizing there are small changes happening now as I walk my journey.

Here are a couple of examples – of the little things:

-Being able to hold a coffee mug in one hand and a water bottle in another and stepping into my truck without using my hands to pull myself up into the drivers seat.

-Being able to lift my a$$ up and turn around in my driver seat to unbuckle my daughter during car line (instead of putting the truck in park, getting out of the truck and walking around to unbuckle her and holding up traffic)

-Beach trip, loading and unloading tons of bags (clothes, linens, towels, food, etc) into the truck, also lifting the beach cart above my head to put in the back of my truck and then getting into the back bed and lifting the cart and lowering back to the ground – multiple times. Then running up and down stairs to unload all of the above into the house…

-Big one – keeping up with my daughter playing – that was one goal, so glad I have achieved that one.

– Walking up and down the whole boardwalk and not trying to turn back around at a certain point – I wasn’t tired walking all the way down the boardwalk and all the way back up – I use to dread this!! And wearing smaller shorts that didn’t ride up!!!!!!!

Just wanted to pass this along – thank you for helping me through this journey.

Starting to be impressed by myself,

Amanda – Malvern, PA

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