Getting Back Into The "SWING" of Things

May 15, 2021

 by Mike Barbato

Yes, we're trending back to normal...

Starting the week of June 7th, Tuesday and Thursday LIVE Zoom sessions will be discontinued. But don't worry, you won't be hanging high and dry...

With the world coming back to what we remember prior to COVID, we are transitioning back to our normal class routine.

Week after week, more and more members start heading back into the studio, which by the way is SUPER Exciting. Not only that, you can feel the energy, the comradely, the hard work fill the room 🤩 

Can you remember that feeling?

Big changes are coming to Zoom sessions, here's the low down.

The Zoom Access...
The new zoom sessions will now have a randomized zoom ID meeting for each timeslot. So what do you have to do?
First things first... The only way to get access to the meeting is to register for the time slot you want to attend. From there 15 minutes prior to the time of start a green ZOOM button will appear on the reserved session time. That button will be you're gateway to the Zoom meeting.

View the detailed video here: WATCH NOW

The Zoom Visual...
The camera will no longer be focused on the coach or a single follow along person. Instead the camera will be place to view the enitre room as if you were right there with us. We will be back in our past "LINE" layout facing out the windows.

The No Zoom Days...
Tuesday's and Thursday will be dedicated to Circuit Training. Prior to COVID we have grown to love our structuring of circuits. During these sessions we can introduce more equipment, more challenges, and most importantly, more FUN! 

Unfortunately, circuit training will not align with zoom as we move around the room and use fun toys you most likely don't have access to at home.

So what does this mean for ZOOMIES on these days?
Well, there will be a suggested follow along video playback for those who are not headed back into the studio that you can do anytime that works well with you and your schedule.

I sure hope we see you back in person soon, all of us coaches really miss you ❤️

PS. more to be added soon...