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Tired of trying to figure out what to cook that is healthy, balanced, and nutritious? Take the Guesswork out of Healthy Eating TODAY!

Look no further, I got just what you need to get healthy balanced meals that are quick and easy to make! Each recipe even has a MyFitnessPal barcode to scan in your calorie, nutrition, and macro goals.

Each recipe Includes Dairy Free, Gluten Free, High Protein, Vegan or Plant-Based Options

For just $10 a month you will get 15 unique recipes, a Weekly Meal Plan, and a Grocery list for the recipes all delivered to YOUR INBOX MONTHLY.



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Hate Meal Planning for the Week?

Get 15 unique recipes and a weekly Meal Plan with Grocery list each month


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Real, High Quality Nutrition

Nutritious, quick to prepare meals that can be matched to your goals, so that you fuel your body with the right foods at the right time.







What's Included Every Month

Recipe Pack

You will receive 15 recipes each month that include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert. All, healthy, balanced, and nutritious. These recipes are also seasonal so you can use local produce in season. Each recipe card comes with step-by-step instructions, cook time & prep time, and a nutritional value list. You will even find a Myfitnesspal barcode to scan to upload this recipe right to the app if you track your meal. Pretty cool.

Weekly Meal Planner

Besides the tasty recipes and the shopping list, you will find a handy dandy convenient meal planner for you to download, print out, or put on your fridge. No more planning the week for meals on the weekend. The 7-Day Meal Plan includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks.

Weekly Shopping List

I know it is a pain trying to figure ingredients to buy for the week when you are meal planning. No more wondering! You will find along with the recipes a handy dandy take convenient grocery list you can take with you. Grocery lists are very specific, breaking it down to the exact amount and type of produce you will need for a week of tasty, creative, and healthy recipes.

BON APPETITE! Delicious & Healthy Recipes deliver to your Inbox EVERY Month!

As your Go-To Nutrition Coaches, We know how important fueling your body through proper nutrition and making sure you consume a balanced Whole Foods diet with less processed can be a little overwhelming. Spending the weekend searching online or through Pinterest for hours looking for healthy balanced recipes is the last thing you want to do. You might even be bored cooking the same meals. Let us eliminate your searching, add a little jazz to your meals, and deliver healthier recipes right to your inbox every month!

Take the time & frustration out of Clean Eating

Get access to a brand new recipes every single month - including breakfasts, lunches, smoothies, snacks and dinners.

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15 New Recipes + Weekly Meal Plan + Shopping List = RESULTS.