Strength Driven Kettlebell Interval Training

Jan 4, 2023

 by Mike Barbato

Kettlebells are a versatile and effective tool for strength training and conditioning. One way to incorporate kettlebells into your workout routine is through interval training. Interval training involves alternating periods of high-intensity work with periods of rest or lower-intensity activity. This type of training can be an efficient way to improve strength, cardiovascular endurance, and overall fitness.

One way to structure a kettlebell interval workout is to choose a few kettlebell exercises that focus on different muscle groups and perform each exercise for a certain number of reps or time before moving on to the next exercise. For example, you might start with kettlebell swings for 30 seconds, followed by goblet squats for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds before repeating the circuit. You can repeat this circuit a few times, or vary the exercises and rest periods to keep the workout interesting.

To make the workout more challenging and increase the strength-building component, you can increase the weight of the kettlebells or the number of reps or time for each exercise. For example, you might start with a moderate weight and aim for 10 reps of each exercise, then increase the weight and aim for 8 reps, then increase the weight again and aim for 6 reps. This type of progression can help you continually challenge your muscles and see progress over time.

Another way to incorporate strength-building into your kettlebell interval workout is to include exercises that target specific muscle groups. For example, you might include exercises like kettlebell rows, kettlebell presses, or kettlebell carries in your circuit to focus on building strength in the upper body. You can also include exercises like kettlebell squats, lunges, or deadlifts to focus on the lower body.

In addition to strength-building, kettlebell interval training can also improve your cardiovascular endurance and overall fitness. The high-intensity work periods of the interval will get your heart rate up and challenge your cardiovascular system, while the rest periods allow for recovery before the next high-intensity interval.

To get the most out of your kettlebell interval workout, it's important to use proper form and technique when performing the exercises. Kettlebells can be challenging to use, especially if you are new to them, so it may be helpful to work with a certified kettlebell instructor or coach to learn proper form and progress safely.

Overall, strength-driven kettlebell interval training is a efficient and effective way to improve your strength, endurance, and overall fitness. Incorporating a variety of exercises and progressively increasing the intensity can help you see continued progress and keep your workouts interesting and challenging.