Come visit, get to know us, and see if we’re the Best Fit

Intrigued about our program, but not ready to commit?

Discover what PK is all about

Let us show you around. We promise we won’t bite. A Discovery Session is the perfect way to check out Precision Kettlebells with zero commitment.

What’s a Discovery Session?

During your Discovery Session, we’ll give you a feature highlight tour of our studio, chat with you about your fitness journey and specific objectives, and let you know how Precision Kettlebells can best help you meet your goals.

We promise there’s no high-pressure used car salesman on staff. We genuinely want to get to know you and see how we may be able to serve you. Our goal is for you to understand what we are about, so you can make an informed decision. In fact, if you ultimately decide to join our community, you’ll have a 30 day, RISK FREE trial so if you decide we aren’t a good fit, you get your money back. Awesome right?!

Just click the button below to submit your info and we’ll send you a list of available dates to meet. We’re gonna have a great time.

Sound good? See you soon.


1. Paperwork is never fun, so get it done ahead of time by filling out our waiver online.
2. Go to and reserve your spot. PK is an addiction waiting to happen.
3. Bring your work out clothes, your kicks, and water. You must hydrate. It’s critical for your health. For realz. We’ve got everything else covered.
4. Arrive 10 minutes early to your first class, so you can meet your coach and get an overview of what to expect.


5. Ask questions if you have any- there's no such thing as a dumb question.
6. Use the 50% Rule. Please go about 50% of intensity your first few workouts.
7. Pace yourself. You know your body- do what YOU can do. Rest when needed.
8. Grab a mop: This is a high intensity workout, and you’re gonna sweat.
9. Wipe down your area: kettlebell and mat.
10. Cool down and take advantage of stretching.


11. Rest and Recover.
12. Reserve your next class.
13. Go home and hydrate.
14. Use our guide to get your nutrition in order.