Kettlebell Push Press

May 16, 2015

 by Mike Barbato

The Kettlebell Push Press

The Push Press:
A power coordination drill, the upper and lower body must work together to generate and direct force. The Push Press when performed properly, blurs the lines between strength training and athletic development.

  •  Clean two kettlebells
  •  The first dip and drive phases must be present. A second dip is not allowed
  •  There must be a distinct and motionless pause both in the rack before each push press and also in the lockout
  •  The elbows and the knees must be locked with the kettlebells fixed overheas in the lockout position
  •  The torso may lean slightly back but the lean may not increase during the press
  •  The shoulders may not elevate in the range between the rack and the point where the handle is at the eye level
  •  The knees must be locked during the pause in the rack position
  •  spine hyperextension is not allowed
  •  lifting the heels is not allowed
  •  The kettlebells are lowered into the rack with the arems relaxed, the impact absorbed by and abdominal brace and a knee dip
  •  The upper arms are in contact with the ribcage at the point of impact

Special note for females only: neither the arms nor the kettlebells may touch the breast at any time.