Kettlebell Snatch

May 16, 2015

 by Mike Barbato

The Kettlebell Snatch

By far my favorite exercise. The Kettlebell Snatch will literally melt the fat off your body. This exercise is built for high repetition and you too, will grow to love it.

In the beginning the snatch will get you all flustered. Banging of the forearms will occur but with practice and form adjustments you will see why this exercise is totally awesome.

With the bell coming from the ground to over head, there are main factor to keep it safe and enjoyable. Follow the steps below to ensure proper form.

  •  All the key points that apply to the swing apply to the snatch
  •  Swing the kettlebell sitting on the ground in front of you back between your legs, and snacth it overhead in one uninterrupted motion to a straight arm lockout
  •  Catch the kettlebell softly without banging your forearm or jarring your elbow and shoulder
  •  At the lockout, the arm must be level with the head or behind the head, neck is neutral, the lower back not hyperextended
  •  Maintain the fixation for a second with the arm and legs straight and the feet and body stationary
  •  Actively lower the kettlebell between your legs in on loose, uninterrupted motion close to the body without touching the chest or the shoulder, and snatch again
  •  Be explosive