Turkish Get-up

May 16, 2015

 by Mike Barbato

The Turkish Get-up

Great exercise for the total body that develops shoulder stability and the muscles of the core. The Get-up is broken down into a number of steps but don't let that overwhelm you.

  •  Use both hands to lift the kettlebell off the ground to the starting position of the floor press and return the free hand to the ground
  •  The wrist on the kettlebell side stays neutral
  •  The elbow on the kettlebell side is locked and the shoulder is packed
  •  The shoulder of the free arm does not shrug up
  •  The heel of the foot on the kettlebell side stays planted durning the low sweep, the lunge up to the standing, and the reverse of these actions
  •  The knee touches the floor softly on the descent into the half kneeling position
  •  The arm holding the kettlebell is vertical or almost vertical
  •  The neck is neutral for the top half of the movement, from the lunge up
  •  In the top position the knees are locked and the lower back does not hyperextend